Download Sangam


The latest release of Sangam is p1.6.4 (prototype). This is a fairly stable release, and contains major improvements over the previous versions. Download it here.

Some of the new features include

  • Syncshare integrated with the plugin.
  • Synchronised debugging
  • List of users currently connected
  • Driver can create/delete files/folders/packages remotely
  • Any source opened in editor can be refactored
  • Customized running of remote java code
  • It is possible to select colour of messages for different users in the chat
  • Scrolling of Driver's window is reflected on the navigator's editor
  • Code selection is also reflected in the remote editor
  • Opening files remotely
  • Locking of non-driver's editors.
  • Preference Page remembers your past settings (should you wish to modify them)
  • No automatic connections. Connections have to be made explicitly now.

You might want to check the Sangam Installation & Setup Guide.