New Developer Starting On Sangam

CVS server is used as the source code repository. In this project, we use the CVS service hosted at You will need to register with to get a user ID and password. If you want to participate in the development, please contact Somik Raha ( You will need Eclipse version 3.0M8 or above to compile the projects. To check out the source code from CVS, use the Eclipse CVS repository Exploring view (Window->Show View->Other->CVS->CVS Repositories), right-click anywhere in the view, and select New -> Repository Location from the pop-up menu. Enter this information:

Add CVS Repository image here

When you click Finish, the repository location gets added to your repository list. Expand it, and open up the HEAD node. You should see :
Add CVS view here

Select the following projects: org.sangam.plugin, org.sangam.test, org.synshare.mock, org.synshare.server, and org.synchare.server.test. (You can select multiple items by pressing the CTRL button), right-click, and select Check Out from the pop-up menu.
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After the projects are checked out, you can see in the Navigator or Package Explorer that these projects have been created on your local machine.