Begin Pair Programming

You are now all set to begin pair programming with Sangam. If all the previous installation and setup steps have been completed successfully, you should be able to see two buttons - (Connect) button and (Drive) button. Press to establish a connection to Syncshare.

All participants in the pairing session must be connected first before they can drive. If the connection is successful, then the Connect button will become green, and the Drive button will get enabled, and the tooltip should read "Start Driving".

CAUTION : Only after all members of the pairing session are logged in can you drive.

To start driving, simply press the drive button. The drive button will get disabled for all participants, except the driver - for whom it will change to and tooltip will read "Stop Driving".

The driver can open a file of his choice. He can type in java code, save it, and all this will be transmitted over the network.

The program can also be run over the network.

Click on the Run -> Run... from the menubar. The Run dialog will show. In the Configurations pane, you will find SyncLaunch.

Select SyncLaunch, and press New to create a new launch configuration.Type in the Project and Main class information (or use Browse... and Search... buttons), and press Run.

If the launch configuration you need is already created, you can simply select it and press run.